a film by marie cerise
Experimental-animation / 13’ / color et B&W Format : 35mm / 1 :33 / Dolby SR
No dialogues
script & animation : marie cerise rv
photography : yves kohen
music & sound : philippe boix-vives

produced by le GREC with the support of La Haute Normandie
contact marie-anne campos +331 44 89 99 50 14 rue alexandre parodi 75010 paris
all rights reserved © marie cerise risacher/le GREC

This non fiction short film is a blend of shots and animations sequences without dialogue, it’s accompanied by concrete music.

It acts as a reflection of influence of everyday, functional gestuality and urban, industrial architecture, on human movement. The movement treated as filmed and animated sequences, relates to images shot at the port and the site of Le Havre.